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Daily Activities for Group Classes
Circuit Training

This session offers a combination of aerobic and weight training, designed to help to improve your general health and fitness

Aqua Exercise

Join us for a fun and exciting aerobic or Zumba workout in the pool. This is an ideal form of exercise for both beginners and for those seeking an experience that liberates them both physically and mentally

Aero Box

This is unique and challenging fitness workout combines martial arts, aerobics and dance movements with a variety of music rhythms. The one-hour class, comprising of fun jabs, punches, kicks and steps, is choreographed in a series of eight-count combinations.

Ball & Tone Exercise

Practiced regularly, Ball & Tone exercise help to keep the mind and body working in harmony as it requires a focused mind as well as physical movements. This aim of exercise is to work different muscles to tone and condition the body.

ABS Workout

If you still think that doing crunches will score you amazing abs, you’re in for a rude awakening. Flattening your belly requires multi-muscle exercise that target all the regions of your core- upper and lower aps, oblique, transverse abdominis, and lower back muscles

Indoor Cycling

Ready to give indoor cycling a spin? Prepare to drip with sweat, get your blood pumping, shed your fat, improve your heart health and boost your muscle endurance.

Step Aerobics

Step aerobics offers a great cardio workout and increase the body’s consumption of oxygen. This fun and low impact workout causes less stress to joints, compares to running or jogging

Body Stretch

Learn to stretch your body with our unique combination of stretching exercise to relax and rejuvenate your mind and body. This class is excellent for reducing muscle tension and improving flexibility.

10:00 AM Strong Zumba Ball & Tone Strong Zumba Aero Box Aqua Exercise Indoor Cycling
4:30 PM Step Aerobics Zumba Fitness Circuit Abs Workout Step Aerobics Body Stretch